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More Change.  Change or Die I am told, so once again, as I am morphing and growing spiritually, so too does the blog.  Another name change…Earthy Monk to Wild Monk to now Soulpatch Diaries. The tagline focuses more on my spiritual journey of recovery: Musings on sobriety & soulfulness. 

The name change reflects a few things that are happening in my life (or have been ongoing in my life):

  • My continuing journey of sobriety and recovery;
  • My ever-growing and expanding sense of God and spirituality;
  • A deepening desire to focus my writing more on spirituality, recovery, healing, and helping others; 
  • My calling to provide a space for raggamuffins, renegades, rebels, heretics, alcoholics, and addicts to have their own experience of God without boundaries, rules or regulations; and
  • My expanding love of all things recovery, zen, interfaith, ecumenical, and Mystical.

It is a spiritual evolution…almost as if I am growing up and maturing (whoa, don’t go overboard here).  I turned 51 years old in November 2018 and my life is changing so much inwardly that I wanted the name, the very essence of my writing to reflect that.

The purpose and mission of the blog, SOULPATCH DIARIES, will remain the same: to help people grow spiritually, to encourage healing and recovery, and to promote the untameable, uncontainable, soulful wild love of God (not constrained by any religion or politics).  

SOULPATCH DIARIES will still be a space for musing on God, grace, recovery, addiction, love, healing, pain, shadows, light, beauty, creativity, hope, and compassion.  And it will still be a space for musing about things we’d sometimes rather not talk about like doubt, addictions, depression, speaking truth to power, challenging apathy, affluence, arrogance and the ‘rudeness of rightness’.

I have been blogging for 10 years, and I want my words to reflect the changes that are occurring inwardly as well as outwardly.

So, please feel free to help build this community, be a part of it, communicate, etc., and please feel free to send me any comments, concerns, criticisms, thoughts, ideas or resources directly to niles@soulpatch.net or you can even call or text me @540.313.2204.

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,


One thought on “about this blog

  1. Here’s Nana! Of course I checked out your new blog name and the introductory site, etc. Looks good. Go, man! You are loved by Abba and by me, always and unconditionally. Give me a personal update when you get a chance so I know what to pray for you.


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