“What is the Spiritual Life?” (Randy Woodley)

I read these words from Dr. Rev. Randy Woodley; Dr. Woodley is a member of a First Nations tribe in North America and writes eloquently, simply, and gracefully about spirituality.

His words ring true with recovery and my own recovery journey and my own spiritual development.  I hope it helps you find some Connection, which is for me the ultimate ‘goal’ of spirituality – to connect with sobriety, sanity, self, and God as we experience God.

What is the spiritual Life? 
It is life itself, not what one does but how one goes about doing. Spirituality is flesh and blood walking on this earth in real time. It is the embodiment of our whole selves being present in the moment it occurs. Spiritual life is living daily with the full acceptance of everything around us as real and attachable to our being as it happens. To be un-spiritual is to ignore any aspect of our whole selves, in our whole context, on this whole earth. Spirituality is appreciating it all.

What is Spiritual Exercise?
Listening to others is a spiritual exercise. Not just what they are saying but how they are saying it. Why they are saying it. Why they are saying it to you. Hearing the voice in your head and silencing it so you can hear their voice and recognize what is happening at the moment around you as their words make sense to your heart. Listening to others means connecting with them and discovering what is happening between you at the time and being grateful for it all.

Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley, Indigenous person and Public Theologian/Scholar

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