3 Original Poems


A monk once said to me
your faith should be like tea

served Ch’an style – rough, warm,

and loosely wrapped;
your religion the same:
hopeful, warm to the touch,
& hewn on the edges of life.


# # #


Faith Like Jazz
If faith were like jazz
Well that would be Cool.
that would be tragically hip,
cool to the touch
hot to the heart.
Jazz: a space, a place, a thought, a word, a life, a lifestyle.
Faith and jazz…where
chaos is not feared but necessary.
There are no jam sessions without chaos.
The Jam Session is
where all the chaos flows
into one complex song.
Notes rising, crashing, colliding,
all the colors bleeding into One.
That would be Cool. That would be fly.
Oh that would be Real.
For God is cobalt Blue & Coltrane cool…
like Jazz


# # # 


I awoke from a dream…
feeling like a habit held together by
flesh & grace…
so filled with God even
the Emptiness brimmed over.


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