I Dare You…

I dare you to seek at ALL cost the Life you are being Called to Live (stop running away and start running towards).

I dare you to make prayer, gratitude, and meditation a part of your daily life.

I dare you to practice daily radical compassion towards everyone but especially the poor, the hungry, the broken and the brokenhearted (including yourself).

I dare you to build a more just, caring and peaceful society (starting with where you are planted).

I dare you to BE true to yourself every day.

I dare you to look your demons, your addictions, and your pain right in the Face, and walk through them to freedom and recovery (I dare you to get help if you need it).

I dare you to look honestly, deeply, and thoughtfully at ALL the addictions in life – to spending money, consumerism, and materialism and seek to heal them.

I dare you to stop letting Fear rule and ruin your life.

I dare you to Love truly, madly and deeply.

I dare you to get closer to God daily.

I dare you to open wide to the Beauty of your hearts and live it.

I Dare you to Dream a life — God’s Dream for you — and go for it!

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