Decaf Faith

If I am honest, some days my faith in God is more ‘decaf’ than real.  In fact, most days I prefer having a decaffeinated faith because it looks and tastes like the real thing, but it is guaranteed to not keep me awake because I sometimes fear living a spiritually awakened life.

And knowing and being known by God, and choosing to follow Jesus, is all about waking up: waking up to the truth of unconditional love, waking up to the call to sacrifice and service, waking up to being forgiven and being called to forgive all wrongs.

Today while I was doing my usual Saturday ritual of walking around the lush grounds of the Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, VA, I yelled out to God in my desperation: “I don’t want decaf faith, Lord!” 

What I want is a faith that wakes me up – fully human, fully alive – prepared to be Present to all of life, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, pain and joy; awakened in such a manner as I see and taste God in all the experiences of the day.  I pine for a faith that is more “red eye” than decaf, an extra caffeinated faith that hinges on these two truths: that God is a Living God and that God is Love.

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