Dreams of Mercy (revised poem)

I dreamed of walking through emerald forest
hanging all the worries and weights of my body,
and my Soul, upon thick, uneven branches.

The wind was whispering through the trees, blowing dust out from within this wounded temple.

I heard the whimpering cries of old griefs who came
to have their say; the grief so laden, so familiar.
All the years of want and scars, they all came out of this

unsayable said, seeking their rightful place in my body.

The trees dared me to let the grief hollow out my bones
with mercy, allowing them to paint the walls of my heart
the blurred colors of hope.  I have failed this challenge before;

these pregnant opportunities to be held by an urgent compassion.

Too often I have walked away, full of myself, yet empty of truth.
But not today; today I dreamed of walking through emerald forest
My fingers tracing poems in the worn flesh of their bark…


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