“Love Wins” (Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis)

God is Love. So says the writer of 1 John. Synonyms. The writer also tells us that perfect Love casts out fear. Perfect love. Completed love. Love that has reached its telos, its end. This Love that is God casts out fear. Love wins, in the end, in the telos, this is the bedrock of my faith.

God wins.

God’s plan for healing, for peace, for shalom, for justice, wins. This gets me up in the morning. It is my testimony and the testimony of my ancestors. No matter the current situation, no matter the disappointing lack of civility and conscience, the scorching heat of vitriol and violence–God is Love.

God’s Love trumps hatred. God’s Light eclipses darkness, can’t be overcome by darkness. So says our holy book. And Love has a purpose, a focus, a plan. It will not be defeated. Love will win. God will win. Love, in the [Kairos] space, in fact, has already won.

The Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis is an activist, public theologian, and author. She is Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church in Manhattan.

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