It’s So Simple, Sometimes

Simple phrase, catchphrases, sometimes piss me off.  They try to capture grand truths in the span of a few words.  Most of the time I find that offensive.  But sometimes, I am humbled when I realize some truths can be simple (but not necessarily easy).

Like when I read something a friend sent me that his college professor reminded him: our Work in life is to find the Sacred in the mundane; and failing that, our Work is to create, foster and build the Sacred within the mundane.

It reminds me of Brother Lawrence and his admonition to find and be with God while doing the dishes and cleaning house.

It reminds me of one of the most famous statements from the co-founder of A.A., Dr. Bob Smith, when he said it so simply “clean house, trust God, help others.”

It’s so simple…sometimes.

P.S. Thank you to all who gave to the GoFundMe Campaign.  Honestly, less than one-fourth was raised.  The move was successful, I am back in Roanoke beginning my new life being with my brother Kevin, but the day I moved here my Subaru blew up.  So, I’m asking if folks could help again in me reaching my goal – I need the car to get my brother around to doctors’ appointments and for me to get to work.  If you can give, please do; if you don’t want to, I ask you to post on your Facebook or pass it along.  Blessings

 GoFundMe Campaign

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