GoFundMe Campaign!

Dear Ones,

I started a GoFundMe Campaign to assist me in moving back to Roanoke, Virginia to be with and near (and help) my brother Kevin.  Below is the GoFundMe link and the short story about me and my brother.  If this is a repeat, I apologize.  Anything you can give is welcomed and much appreciated, be it money, prayers, good vibes, or even contacts in Roanoke!

Much love,




Moving to Care for Sick Brother

My brother Kevin is gravely ill.  He lives alone.  I have decided to move back to Roanoke, VA, where he lives and care for him.  Kevin needs a heart transplant but because other organs are failing the doctors cannot put him on the transplant list.  The doctors have said his time here is very limited, most likely less than a year, if not less.

When I was 16, right after our Dad died, my brother was there for me, a messed up teenager; now we are 30 plus years later and I want  to return the favor.

The money will be used to allow me to move back to Roanoke.  Most places I have looked at want 2 or 3 months rent up front. I also need to pay for the actual move and make sure I have enough to live on while looking for work and caring for and being there for my brother.

I want to set up the apartment for my brother and my dog.  Kevin loves my dog Juno.  She is great therapy for Kevin and we want a place that is Juno-friendly as well as Kevin-friendly.

I need to move within weeks.

So many people have been there for me before, I feel bad asking.  But I also happen to be a believer in the Power of Blessings – both giving and receiving.

I am grateful for all whom I love who will give and those who will pray, and those who will pass it on, and those who will walk with us.

Help spread the word!


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