Words of Five Wise People

My words are insufficient, again.  I am sensing I am grasping at straws, false pride and ego whisper to me that I (of all people) truly have something to say.  In truth I do have something to say, but so what, so do billions of others.  I am just arrogant and pompous enough to to believe my words matter more than most and can rise above the din and feed people spiritually.  Ugh, arrogance is ugly indeed; I do not wear it well. 

So, rather than write my own words, I will intentionally practice my spiritual disciplines – becoming silent and invisible – offering instead the Words of others who are truer and wise than I. 

So with that, I offer you the Words of Five Wise People who love God madly and deeply. 

May you grow in Grace and grow closer to the God Who is Pure Love…

“God is the primary actor. But even actor seems a bit too domesticated here, since when we hear that word we readily think of the folks on TV. God is strange; God is surprising; God is faithful. In worship, we enter this drama with God, as did Abraham, as did Moses, as did Mary. In this liturgical drama, we begin to see what it means to receive the stranger.” – Elizabeth Newman, Untamed Hospitality

“Fortunately, God is not what we think God is—not in any small way what I might think, nor in any big way the sum total of what a whole bunch of thinkers, great thinkers through the centuries, might think. And yet we have no choice but to try to think what God is, what and who God might be. At some point God comes to meet such thoughts. God arrives and appears as Surprise…. And something new is grasped in the surprise; something is learned; experience—it could be called experience with God—is gained. But God remains infinitely free, infinitely out of our control in whatever we come to know.”  – Jeremy Driscoll, OSB, A Monk’s Alphabet

“One of the best pieces of spiritual advice I ever received from a spiritual director was to pray for anything that I desired, even if that desire seemed sinful. It was a kind of “prayer shock therapy,” designed to break through dualistic thinking patterns and begin integrating prayer with life as we actually experience it, rather than as we might wish it to be.” -Br. Robert L’Esperance

When it comes to our spiritual journey with God, the best advice I’ve heard is: It’s your journey. Your spiritual life is between you and God, Alone. So don’t follow anyone and don’t seek to be followed. Yes, listen, learn and respect your elders and those wise forerunners on the spiritual journey, yet when all is said, it’s just you and God, and in the end, it’s just God.” – Peter Traben Haas

God’s vision is expansive. God’s loving-kindness is expansive. The net is cast wide to catch fish of every kind. We come to celebrate God’s infinitely expansive catholicity, the wide-reaching embrace of his love. It’s a mystery! And, here we all are, in the midst of this most savory, this most delectable stew.” – Br. Mark Brown

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