God is Surprise!

I have intentionally been away from writing, for my fingers are tired, my soul is heavy and my words feel empty. But today, God sent me angels in disguise to remind me that I am a child of a loving, living God (and so are you all!), so I thought I ease my way back into the blog with Wisdom from someone else.

A long time ago I read that “all wisdom is plagiarism, only stupid is original.” So, I’ll leave you with some Wisdom…

“Fortunately, God is not what we think God is—not in any small way what I might think, nor in any big way the sum total of what a whole bunch of thinkers, great thinkers through the centuries, might think. And yet we have no choice but to try to think what God is, what and who God might be.

At some point God comes to meet such thoughts.

God arrives and appears as Surprise…. And something new is grasped in the surprise; something is learned; experience—it could be called experience with God—is gained. But God remains infinitely free, infinitely out of our control in whatever we come to know.”

Jeremy Driscoll OSB, A Monk’s Alphabet

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