More Musings on LOVE…

Okay, so I’ve gotten some feedback on the previous Love blog and I wanted to take this time to clarify and simplify. According to a garden variety of Christian scripture, it is stated that God is love, and that love is the law we are supposed to follow. And seeing as all around me I witness too many people of faith living their lives so far from what “love” is supposed to be (myself first and foremost), I wanted to use the same Scripture to spell it out again.

So, if we are wondering what does the whole “God is Love” look like and how are we to love people, we can follow the follow methodology. AND, if we are wondering Who God is then we can follow the same Scripture to understand how God responds to all people at all times.

God is love.  Which means that…

God is patient.
God is kind.
God does not envy.
God is not boastful.
God is not conceited.
God does not act improperly.
God is not selfish.
God is not provoked.
God does not keep a record of wrongs.
God finds no joy in wickedness.
God rejoices in the truth.
God bears all things.
God believes all things.
God hopes all things.
God endures all things.
God never fails.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay.  Now that this is out of the way and we now all know who God is and how God responds to each and every one of us, let’s all go out and have some delicious God Experiences in honor of the “love fest” known as Valentine’s Day!

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