Blessed are the Fearless…

Blessed are the fearless, for they shall know God. 

I cannot remember where I first heard this said or got an inkling of it (I won’t take credit for it since ALL Wisdom is plagiarism, only Stupid is original). But I’ve been ‘stuck’ on this fearless thing precisely because fear has been gripping my life, poisoning my faith and eating away at the foundation of my friendship with God these last few weeks.  Let’s face it: fear sucks. Fear is a drug, literally, that alters brain chemistry and much like anger makes humans dumber, fear makes me weaker, blinder, and less likely to trust a God Who is absolutely trustworthy. Plain and simple, fear kills my faith.

As I have learned from A.A., I cannot think my way into a new way of living, but rather I must live my way into a new way of thinking, so I am writing my way to fearlessness (because I pine to know God as deeply as possible).  I am going to be fearless in my hunger and pursuit of God since God is the Hound of Heaven pursuing us as dogs pursues the fox at a hunt.

I am compelled to remember that God is Love and perfectly so; and Perfect Love cast out all fear. No shame or judgment here, for when I slide into fear, I ‘should’ all over myself – I should be doing this, I should think like this, etc. So I remind myself that in my journey with God, all ground is sacred ground when pursuing God and the good.

So be fearless and reckless in pursuing God.  Bang on the door.  Ask the questions.  Seek the Face that is so lovely.  For Jesus said “ask…seek…knock” and I say do it recklessly, fearlessly, no matter what, no matter how, never stop, never be satisfied for God is greater than even our desires. And don’t let anyone tell you that you are outside of God’s love, grace or mercy.

In our fearless pursuit, remember the Four R’s that God is all about: resurrection; redemption; renewal; and restoration. And because these four things are in operation, God’s love is messy and lavish and, most important of all, always available to all who seek.

So, let’s be fearless, for we shall know God.

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