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I’ve been musing on grace a bit lately, most likely because I am ‘feeling’ so fragile-ugly-not-even-a-speck-of-dust-in-the-universe-but-oh-do-I-NEED-God’s-grace.

So, more musings.

I have said previously that I felt grace was hard to define.  But being me — an obssessive control freak who has to have the last word, I think I do have a Word definition of grace, namely that grace could be defined as the place and space where God’s Fullness meets up with and fills my emptiness. And in that space there is a miraculous culmination of God’s being completing, stretching, tearing apart, and healing my being; and simultaneously living in and through me.

When I say ‘there but for the Grace of God go I’, I am saying there I go and God – Who dwells in me – goes with me as well. Everywhere I am is the moment of grace, given and received, because it is no longer I who live “but Christ who lives in me.” So as the spiritual equation goes, Jesus said he and God were one, and now Christ dwells in me and because he dwells in me, therefore the utter fullness of God dwells in me always.

Mind blowing isn’t it; downright heretical as well.

If you knew me the way God does, it would seem heresy for me to say that God and I are one; and that because God and I are one (remember, the same is true for you), everywhere I go, God and his infinite grace go. I have the power as it were to release and surrender to grace at any chosen moment. Unfortunately for me, and many others in my life, I am not always choosing to release God’s grace.

Most of the time, God’s grace is perpetually operating not because of but rather in spite of my conscious efforts.

The good news of grace is that not only is it available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, but that we can be filled and refilled with grace daily. God’s grace is like the ‘free’ refills of soda at restaurants – all I have to do is ask for it and it happens.

So, God’s grace dwells in me (as both recipient and giver) and the power of his grace is limited only by my open-mindedness and open heart. In this we should be humbled, for God has actually given us quite a bit of power. And even though I am powerless over my addictions, I am not powerless to choose to be a vessel and recipient of grace.

I am called to be filled and to fill, then be re-filled and to refill…grace is all there is and in the end Love.

So…anyone need a refill?


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