SnapShot Musings: #46

“Surrender means laying down everything – including clarity – and trusting God to lead you.” ~ Nate Hanson

Well that quote just blows everything out of the water; all my preconceived notions of spirituality and what it means to know, love and trust God.

This stinks!

Because I want clarity.

I desperately pray for it almost every day. And it goes something like this: “please God, let me know for sure, without any doubt, that I am supposed to _____________ (fill in the blank).” Nate Hanson is telling the truth. Clarity is not what is needed as a pillar of the spiritual life, trust is. For if I trust God, that means that there is some level of love and knowledge therein; since I cannot trust anyone or anything unless there is some level of love involved.

So, today, I will not pray for clarity.

I will pray for my trust in God to grow. And that, my friends, frightens me…

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