An Ordinary God

I shrivel, I expand, I grow weary from huffing and
puffing my chest out in anger and despair from
hearing hatred and hypocrisy
Fall like stones from the mouths of those who say
they speak for the Lord of Love;
words of war from those who claim the Prince of Peace
As their own.
I falter in my faith as I see this Rushing Wind
reduced to an impotent Breeze;
this Fierce Tiger gelded into submission.
This God, this One of Love to whom I surrender
will not be tamed nor taunted,
controlled nor cajoled by culture or flag, religion or Sect.
This God is NOT ordinary. The God I know to be
True is Love, fierce and relentless, tender and passionate.
This God is ExtraOrdinary, knowable yet unknown,
serene yet dangerous, friendly yet Lord.
How dare we adjust this God like he were
the settings of our brazen technology.
This God is beyond your walls or mine, above our
politics and our safe, sanitized flag waving patriotic religion,
dearth of wisdom as it is. This God is fire and seeks to
set aflame all who hunger for him.

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