Surrender. Resignation.



Which one is giving up and which one is giving in?  Which one is active and which one is passive?  Is there a difference?  And if so, would I even know what that difference is?

I am writing this in a proverbial mirror, not knowing truly if I where I am right now is more about running way from something or journeying towards Someone and a grander destiny.

I truly do not know.  But God does and when it comes to giving up or giving in, faith and fear become guides that in some way ‘will’ us forward.  The question is, when it comes down to fear or faith, which one will I choose to be my guide?

Surrender involves faith; faith in a Loving God who desires to be known and to know.

Resignation is about fear; fear that is a poisonous and ruinous drug making the world seem random and chaotic.

If truth be told, I have much and little of both.  But the choice is mine.

Which will it be kid?  Faith or fear…the answer could change the world.

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