A Frigid Night

Autumn is slouching and slumbering

its way into winter,
the grace and Advent within us.

and the World stands Still
(again) and Silent

like it did once on a Holy Night
thousands of years ago.


Winter Solstice Luna

Brilliant ivory Lover of mine,
rising with quiet passion over the
midnight mountains…
you, all fecund…
me, all lost, empty and searching…
You light my way, oh gracious Luna,
Lighting the splendid darkness of my
night with Divine light.



The late afternoon sky reminded
me of old, worn out bones,
ashen gray but  filled with a holy spirit,
mine and God’s.

and I wondered if my life would be as
much of a gift to those who  have
been such a Gift to me…


Winter Ecstasy

The wind whips the snow around
like a whirling dervish,
a pure white ghost dancing wildly
over the snow as it coaxes and teases
the dying sun, glimmering pure blindness off the
icy whiteness of the world as it
settles into  the familiar sweet blackness
of a Winter’s night.

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