Random Musings to Seed & Feed

Random: without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

There is no rhyme or reason, aim or pattern, just words falling from my fingertips birthed in prayers, prayers that you draw near to the God Who draws near to you and loves you no matter what church or state says.  Words are simple enough to be understood and teach and strong enough to make a heart break or make a heart blossom.

I am learning that Life begins at the point where my comfort zone ends.

God’s greatest gift is unconditional Love and God’s greatest promise is eternal Presence.

If I am unable to see God in the profane as much as I do in the profound, then I am missing half the story.

Worry is an activity of the mind, not the heart.  And it is the action of a mind which does not believe or understand its’ connection to God.

Remember this one every time you meet someone, especially someone you do not like or agree with: everyone has a past (everyone!); everyone has a story; and everyone is on a Journey.

God is present in all circumstances…all of them.  There is divine purpose behind everything, all things, and therefore Divine Presence in everything.  So as painful and hard as it is to grasp, all things and all circumstances stand with the will of God.  It is hard to grasp that when looking n the pain of loss, death, violation, poverty, abuse and violence.  But in truth, God has given us all the power, presence and perseverance we need to prevent and end these, but we have not employed these gifts to their higher purpose.  Remember, there are no victims and there are no villains and in the end of all time, everything will be swallowed up in Love and Mercy.

Prayer is my conversation with God, which leads to friendship with God, which in turn leads to communion with God which ends in my union with God.

Still random.

Still musing.

I agree with Mimi Dixon’s musings on Advent, and in my words I have four things that I surmise: God rarely operates within my (or any human) frame of reference; God does not operate under any or anyone’s timetables because God is infinite and eternal and time is a human construct that attempts to measure time and space, here and there.  But God operates in the place and space of ‘no time’ so therefore any and every time is the perfect time for all time with God is Now.

Whew…that one hurt my brain.

And the final two: the obvious one, God’s ways are not our ways; and, God is way more comfortable with chaos than we are, because we experience chaos as the subjects of it, and God experiences chaos as the Object of it.

So, to think that God is going to do anything within the neat confines of my neat little world and world view with its finite flesh and blood, limited capabilities, understanding and comprehension, and then do so within a scripted frame of reference using societal norms is simply preposterous, asinine and absurd.

Musings done for now.

P.S. Oh yeah, Grace is Absurd.  But that subject is for another blog.

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