“A Church OF all People (Sam Wells)

What if discipleship meant individually and corporately letting one’s life be transformed into a parable of faith, a poem of hope, a [song] of love that exchanges the world’s habits of scarcity for the kingdom’s assumptions of abundance?

What if piety meant leaving aside the things the world offers a tantalizing shortage of and embracing the things God gives in plenty?

And the moment that starts to sound too ambitious is the very moment of renewal, because that’s when the church for the first time perhaps ever realises it doesn’t have the luxury of prejudice, it doesn’t get to include just one kind of person, it really and truly needs everyone who is willing to part of this great adventure, and is at last surrounded by all the kinds of people who thronged round Jesus and the church should have regarded as its best friends all along.

Rev. Sam Wells, Vicar, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, UK.

Found at The Church of the Advocate website: http://theadvocatechurch.org/

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