I Double Dog Dare You!

DARE: [def.]
Verb (used without object)
1. to have the necessary courage or boldness for something; be bold enough: You wouldn’t dare!

Verb (used with object)
2. to have the boldness to try; venture; hazard.
3. to meet defiantly; face courageously.
4. to challenge or provoke (a person) into a demonstration of courage;
5. to defy: to dare a man to fight.

In matters of faith it may not be ‘biblical’ to ‘dare’ people, but I’m looking in the mirror as I write this realizing I need to dare myself.  I need to dare myself to have deep faith in the One Who has NEVER let me down, One Who has been there in the darkness and the light, One Who whispers to me, “I love you…trust Me!”

I dare me.  And I dare you.

I need to do this because, if I am honest, most of the time the God I profess with my words and the God I actually believe in are sometimes two different Beings: the former is too small and the latter is sometimes just a God to Whom I give only lip service.  I say I believe in Jesus but my actions sometimes betray those ‘beliefs.’ I’m human, and quite ordinary, but God…well, God is Extraordinary. So with that, it is Double Dog Dare time:

  • I dare you to try and out give God.
  • I dare you to let God’s comforting and disturbing Grace turn your life upside-down, and therefore right-side up.
  • I dare you to turn to prayer before turning to worry, fear, or panic.
  • I dare you to let go of every ‘small’ image you have of God and ask instead for God to replace those ‘idols’ with the Truth of exactly Who God is.
  • I dare you to believe that emotions, circumstances and feelings do not determine all of what the Truth is (they can only help, guide and teach)
  • I dare you take God at his word – all of it.
  • I dare you to ask God to enlarge your ‘territory’ for divine purposes.
  • I dare you to ask God to bless you so you can be a Blessing.
  • I dare you to pray ‘big’ for God…for God IS big and we cannot out give God.
  • I dare you to ask God to use you deeply and powerfully and then make yourself available (and put your seat belt on).
  • I dare you to pray every day to be filled with God’s love and then to let God fill you.
  • I dare you to go and give away God’s amazing Love, without discretion and with reckless abandon.
  • I dare you to surrender every aspect of your life to God, and I do mean every part, and then truly let it all go.
  • I dare you to dream God’s Dream and then be a part of it.
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