Divine Desires

“The secret of your life is written on (and in) your heart’s desire and it was placed there by God.

The time has come to return to the Journey.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, no matter what the circumstances, you can pick up where you last left off.  For you see desire is the map God has given you to find your purpose in life, to live the only life worth living.  For it is at the place where our greatest desires and deepest pain meet that our divine destiny is calling us.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive?  What makes you experience God and life most deeply?  Where do you find bliss and joy and the love of God?  Go do that…because you see the world is desperate for people who are aflame with the love and passion of God in their hearts being lived.  The world is in need for people who have come alive.

We must realize that God has sort of “rigged” the world so that it only works when we embrace risk as the theme of our lives, when we live by complete faith in God and with utter abandonment to Divine Providence.  All attempts to find a safer life or to live by the expectations of others will just kill your soul. And that is not life or living, that is mere surviving.  As the bumper sticker on my car reads, “Love is our Soul purpose.”  Find what brings Divine Love into your hearts and go and do whatever you can to share that Love.

Life is short!  Do not wait or hesitate for the so-called right moment or right time or for the money to come first.  Leap now!  Either God will catch you or you will sprout wings.  God is calling us out of our comfort zones to live lives of complete abandonment to His love and care.  Trust that the desires of your heart were in fact placed there by God, and when you seek God, He will indeed give you those desires.

And here is the kicker: don’t ask yourself how you would follow your heart’s desire for that question will cut your divine dreams and desires off at the knees.

“HOW” is never the right question to ask.  “WHAT” is the question to ask yourself. WHAT would you dream for yourself? WHAT does your heart truly long for?  WHAT makes your Soul sing?

With  regard to following your heart’s desire – a desire placed there by God – our “job” is to ask WHAT we would do.  As for the question of HOW, well that’s God’s job…so you do your job and let God do His.

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