Musings on the Relentless Love of God

“But You are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate…and rich in faithful love…”

Nehemiah 9:17

God’s love is relentless; pursuing us to the ends of the earth and to the very corners of our hearts.  God’s love is a love that never ceases, comes when we least expect it, and is rarely, if ever, ‘deserved.’

God’s love is extravagant; poured out upon us like rain showers on parched earth.  God’s love is tenderness in the midst of our sometimes harsh reality.  God’s love is loyal, even when we or others are not.  God’s love is eternally faithful, perpetually abundant, and immediately available.

God’s love is the Love which shapes our lives and makes us who we are today.

And on this very day, I pray all of us will know and see and taste the goodness of God’s deep, abiding Love.

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