The Earthy Monk Manifesto

The full Manifesto can be found under “Pages” or simply by clicking on this Link.

An earthy monk is grateful, generous, radical (i.e., being Rooted), living a Velveteen Rabbit-like faith that is real and grounded in God.

Molded by God’s tenderness, an earthy monk sees and seeks the Divine in all things and in all ways knowing that everything is Holy – from the mundane to the profane.  Everything becomes Sacred when seen through the eyes of God’s unfathomable Love.

An earthy monk keeps close to their heart the mandate that we mortals have been give as to how we should then live and be: we are “to do justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly with [our] God” (Micah 6:8).

Earthy monks know what all mystics know: that all are one and all are from and will return to the One.  Earthy monks know that the Truth is the Truth regardless of its source: whether it comes from the Vatican, a bar stool, a monastery, a street corner, the Koran or a little blog.

Earthy monks know we are more connected than not, more alike than not, more one than not.  So that being said, here are some suggestions & reminders if you too are an Earthy Monk:

  • Love God and love all people, love the Earth, touch a tree, stare at the stars until your head spins, love your enemies, pray often, and even more than that.
  • Really do stop and smell the roses, for God is quite fond of them (and you!).
  • Celebrate life and live gratefully.
  • Do yourself a favor by doing someone else one…
  • Be conduits for God’s crazy love, relentless grace and tender mercy.  Be God’s hands, heart, and feet on earth for that is our calling.
  • Plant some seeds that you will cultivate, harvest and eat.
  • Get your food from a local farm, for if you think “No Farms, No Food” is a trite syllogism, see how expensive and nasty food will be when it ALL comes from a box or a can!
  • Adopt a rescue pet…for after a few months, that ‘pet’ will become Family.  For any living Being that is abandoned, then rescued, lives their lives in Pure Gratitude.
  • Love God…deeply and passionately but not blindly.  If your love for God means you mistreat people, animals or the earth, then your love is toxic (and therefore not love).  If your love for God is tied to some flag, country or particular ideology (be it liberal or conservative), then it is not God’s way.  For God is Love and when you are an earthy monk, you give your life to God and Divine Love is the Law to be followed.
  • Cleanse yourself of every image and/or thought you have ever had or felt about God. Let it go then let God reveal himself to you!  Ask God to reveal Divine Love in its purity, free from ideologies, beliefs, titles, or words.  God ‘ain’t’ no Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative…God just Is!
  • ‘Flesh out’ God’s love by living a life of service, compassion, and joy for the poor, the marginalized and the disenfranchised.  Live near them for charity is no substitute for justice and God always intended justice to be a lifestyle of compassion in action and one of proximity.

So to sum it up: love God, love people, serve the most vulnerable, the neglected and the outcast, and love the Beauty’Full Earth.

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