Believing or Following?

Am I following God or just believing in God?  Because I can believe in something and not change one single thing in my life.

But following?  Hmm, following will change my whole life; everything about it.

And God never says, “Hey, I need you to acknowledge Me and My existence.”  For acknowledgement is what believing is.  Anyway what does it matter if I acknowledge the one Who already was and is and is to come…the One Whose first name was “I Am Who I Will Be.”

The point is moot.

But following?

If I follow God…the world blossoms, opens up, gets stripped down, and turned inside out and upside down.  The way I think will change.  The way I live will change.  What I value will change.  Who I love will change.  Even how I define Love will change.  Who I serve will change.  What I do with my days will change.

EVERYTHING will Change!

That, my friends, is what following will get me.

Follow God right down deep into the Center of my being and there find the One Whose name is Love, pure Fire, emblazoning my heart with deep compassion and sacrifice and love and playfulness and joy and community and sobriety and service…and God’s very Being.

So, the question begs to be asked?  Do I merely believe in God?  Or do I follow God?

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