…On Love…

God is Love. Plain and simple.

And it really is plain and simple…and profound and unutterable.  It is so simple children get it.  It is so simple adults are threatened by it (so much so we create dogma, doctrines, denominations and diatribes to control the very essence and definition of God’s love).

But God’s love is…and will forever be just that: Love.

We can do as we wish to it.  We can qualify it.  We can quantify it.  We can try and control it through the above mentioned ways. We can try and block it.  We can try and commodify it.

But God’s love is…unconditional.  And that scares the bejesus out of us.

We humans are so afraid of the utter brilliance and intensity of divine Love that we have to both qualify it and then quantify it.  We cannot truly believe God’s love is unconditional, as in absolutely unconditional, that we need to establish temporal conditions to that which is Unconditional.

What would happen if all the God Lovers simply sought love – to give and receive it?  What if all other dogma, doctrine and denomination burnt away as the dross that it is, and only God’s unconditional love reigned supreme in every being created by  this Loving God?

What would happen?

Divine Love is not a doctrine, or a sect, or a rule; far from it.  God’s love is a Reality, a Being, an eternal and infinite Presence that is pure and undefiled in its natural (um, er, divine) state of being.  But truth be told, I cannot handle that Truth so I have to place conditions on divine love.  I have to establish codes for this love…because I am afraid of what will happen to me, my world and my entire being if this Love actually came and consumed everything.

What would happen if we could understand Teilhard de Chardin’s urging to discover divine Love and thereby ‘rediscover’ Fire again and light the world up?

Divine Love is just that, divine.  And no human language or doctrine or dogma should ever try and tame such perfect wildness as the love of God.

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