Musings on Musings…

I wrote this little poem over 12 years ago and I am now trying to start my days by reciting it:

Empty mind.
Open heart.
Good start.

I am trying to simplify my mission on earth, in this flesh, and I have found that it is summed up from the words of the “Big Book” of A.A. (in paraphrase): my mission is to be of maximum service to God and to my fellow man (and woman). Period.

There is one thing I can do better than anyone else: be me.  God made me, me, so I can be a dynamic expression of divine love on the earth through the quirks, cracks, gifts and goofs that make up me.  And the same is True for you as well.

An old-timer reminded me that a good moral credo starts with this: “doing the Good that lies nearest to you.”  And he meant that literally.

I am learning day by day, sometimes moment by moment, that the only way up is down and the only way out is through.

I pray my life becomes a safe place for people to land.

One truth I see in action daily is that one of the greatest powers that exists is harnessing the power of “we” instead of merely harnessing the power of “me.”

The greatest miracle is what happens in me more than what happens to me.  And all this from the miracle called God’s grace.

I have this amazing power, the power of choice, so I can choose to wrestle with God or I can choose to nestle with God.

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