Turning Towards God…

When people who have repeatedly taken drugs [addicts & alcoholics] turn to God – really turn – there is no stopping them. It took a kind of courage to put drugs in their body and to go with that.

They didn’t know where they were going or whether they would come back; they didn’t know what the experience was going to be. These people have nerve…and verve.  They love adventure. They’re not afraid to travel deeply into the Realm of God.

These people make good Ambassadors of God.  They will go anyplace.

They’ve already been judged, rejected, and misunderstood when they were doing drugs. They figure that if they’re now doing things the right way, what difference does anyone’s judgments make?

They’ll just keep moving on, and there’s no stopping them.

(Anonymous Quote)

And I, myself, am truly one of the “They” spoken of …

Philo Theos…

“Never Enough” (Meister Eckhart)

You can be content with all creatures under God. But you should never be content with what you have of God, for you can never have enough of God. The more you have of God, the more you want. If you, in fact, could have enough of God, so that there came about a satiety of God in you, then God would not be God.