Jing yi jerh (“wave of the healer”)

(Dedicated to W. Terry Beck and Hugh McGee – two amazing healers who have touched my heart and soul, filling me with God)

I walk among wounded landscapes of
restless messiahs, bandits & wayward healers of the soul.
Traversing a topography so filled with God even
the emptiness brims over.

The eyes of these beautiful ones – these
habits stitched together with skin
and grace – are piercing; so
sharp the colors cut clean and bleed into one.

Who am I to be given such a gift?

I walk as one knowing little, mostly gratitude,
learned from the healing motion of darkness,
mercy and soulful friends.  These friends are
luminescent, fleshly ghost radiating gentleness,
scars, and a softness that absorbs all without judgment.

They walk the Earth prodding small, familiar scars: the
wounds of loving that embrace the hearts of those who feel
deeply.  These people have taught me the motion that
Love takes, like water: first the swell, then an
arching crest, and finally the peak of a cascading crash.

Their love is like one, slight awesome sign of fluid power.

These saints teach me the Way…always telling me: relax.  breathe.
and surrender to this holy wave and to learn this tender truth:
curiosity is  far better than control.   

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