Soul’full Musings

Humility is the best way to find out about reality and curiosity makes us eager to learn something new about things we thought we had all but figured out.

Caring is not for the weak or faint of heart for it is an act of courage and strength.  It is only for the strong and gentle.  St. Francis de Sales once said, “There is nothing so gentle as true strength and nothing so strong as true gentleness.”

Forgiveness is never easy and mercy is never wasted; neither is love.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer said when she was a child that she wanted to “live her life so as to reflect the God [she] knew.”  I too will live my life reflecting the God I know.

Let God’s love live in your heart, your soul; let it flower when you think the desert will wither it.

Seek Embodiment: Embody God.  Embody love.  Embodiment is compassion, the fleshing out of God’s wild love; flesh out this Love in your life, your actions, your very being.  To live is simply to unfold.  Unfolding is simply our journey deeper into God.  Unfolding is living with integrity; integrity is the union of body, mind, and spirit around the purpose of one’s soul. Embodiment and unfolding are the fleshing out of God’s truths in our unique personalities; the fleshing out of this divine truth in the world.

Knowing others means you are wise; knowing yourself means you are enlightened.

Never fear and never inflict fear.

Practice compassion, trust and curiosity.

Remember God is timeless; time is a human construct that separates reality into compartments (into “here” and “there” and the space in-between).  But God is time-less and cannot be compartmentalized.  Remember though that God can and does “enter” time in order to be with us.  This is the paradox of the Infinite within the finite: this is God breaking into the human realm to love us and be with us.

Remember that the past is a stored memory and the future is a projected fantasy.  Now is the only real moment; there is only the present (now) in the Presence.

Remember that you are a dynamic example of God’s love taking place right here, right now.

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