“The Depths” (N. Gordon Cosby)

If men and women today began by the thousands experiencing the depths of Jesus…in a transforming way, there would simply be no place for their expression of experience to fit into present-day straitjackets of Christianity.

Protestant or Catholic, neither one is structured to contain a mass of devoted people who long for spiritual depth.

We are structured towards infancy.

N. Gordon Cosby
N. Gordon Cosby

On a sad and glorious note: the Rev. Gordon Cosby, a prophetic voice for church renewal and one of the co-founding ministers of The Church of the Saviour in 1947, died on Wednesday, March 20, at the age of 95.  Gordon was a spiritual father and mentor to me and to thousands of other seekers, people like me who hungered to taste of God’s radical love in action.  After hearing a sermon of his almost 25 years ago, the Spirit moved me and I sold all my possessions, packed my bags and left suburban Philadelphia to live in and work with Samaritan Inns – one of the many Missions that God created through The Church of the Saviour. A public memorial service will be held on Saturday, April 6, at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, DC. A Story on Gordon Cosby.

“Thank God for your life and witness and now you are free at last and Home with your God, my brother…”
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