“We’re all mystics…every one of us”

“The great lesson from the true mystics…is that the sacred is in the ordinary; that [the sacred] is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends, and family, in one’s back yard…

Abraham H. Maslow, Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences.

“We’re all mystics…every one of us” says the late Brother Wayne Teasdale.  I could not agree more.  All of us have the Power within us, the divine code imprinted into our very genes that triggers’ our hunger for God; for a transcendent experience of God.

If you are like me in any way, you may or may not realize it.  You may think mystics are freaks, geeks, hermits or professional religious people who hide away from the world and never engage it; those who sit around having dreams, visions, and all sorts of paranormal realities coming from angels and God.  We may not feel we are in that ‘category’.  But whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, God is everywhere, waiting upon us, hungering for us and that is all the mystical is: a deep experiential knowledge of God and his all-encompassing Love.

God has given us the gift of life in this perplexing world in order for us to become who we ultimately are: children of a loving God; creatures of his boundless love, caring, compassion, and wisdom.  Our very existence is a summons from God to the eternal journey of the mystic if only we would embrace it.

I will spend the rest of my life journeying out this calling – this holy mandate – in order to grow ever closer to God.  And I will do so with the sacred understanding that every moment, every pain, every joy, every minute of doubt and elation, is the Holy Nowthe moment to know and be known by God.

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