God is an Apostrophe…

Imperfection.  Impossible.

I’m perfection.  I’m possible.

God is an apostrophe.  God is the divine punctuation to any hopelessness that arises within me.  God takes my imperfections and makes them his perfections; God takes the impossibilities and turns them into divine possibilities.

An old friend of mine used to say all the time, “argue for your limitations and you’ll get them every time!”  But God allows me to argue for the possibilities and embrace the imperfections.  For with God all things are possible – mountains move, hearts change, doors open when seemingly locked shut, light shines in darkness and a bruised or broken reed can stand against the wind and find healing.  With God, I am reminded that the imperfections are the main way he comes to me and through me.

Oh yes, blessed are the cracked for it is we who let the light of God in…

Meandered wanderings become a sacred journey, undertaken with God as we move towards God as our punctuation changes: the Word changes the words and changes lives.

God moves my heart with holy comma’s and love, pure and unadulterated, and so that his love makes the hollow places, holy places.  

And these holy places – where God is known and made known – is the place where we discover each other in love.

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