The Center & the Edge

The closer we get to the Center, the more God takes us to the edges.

The closer we get to our Center (the place where God dwells), the more we are drawn out of our comfort zones into a life of radical love.  The word radical comes from the Latin word ‘radix’ meaning ‘Root’ – so what we are drawn to is a Rooted Love and a Love Rooted in God.

The more we live from the Center, the deeper our roots become.  The deeper our roots become, the more we learn to trust the nature of God and his love.  The more we trust God and his love, the more we long and hunger to experience and share that Divine Love with all, especially those farthest from it.

The Triqueta - an Celtic Cross
The Triqueta – a Celtic Cross

The stronger our roots become, the stronger we become.  But this strength is not a power lording it over others, but the power to serve others deeply without losing or defining ourselves by such service.

That is my passion, that is my Center and my edge – called to the life of God as an earthy monk, a shepherd, a servant leader.  It is a calling as one who leads from within, from the Center, from God.

And the more Centered I become, the more radical my love becomes and the more radical my love becomes, the more I desire to serve the poorest, the despised, the broken – those at the edges of existence.

The closer I get to my Center, the more God takes me to the edge.

And the closer to the edge I get, the more I feel the itch of wings starting to grow and spread…so that leaping off this edge becomes sheer joy rather than fear.

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