Breaking Down & Breaking Through…

Whether I like it or not, I am going through some  things that are making me feel like I am  breaking down.  But I know with God all breakdowns can become  breakthroughs

And ALL at the same ‘time.’  Both share a similar feeling about them: they  both involve the breaking of the old…for the birth of the New.  However, one is solely about Eedings, while the other is about endings that lead to the Newest of Beginnings.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

The breakthrough is like a real birth: bloody, messy, untamed, hopeful, joyous, wracked with pain.  But oh so necessary.  For in my dying I am truly reborn: the man I have always known to be True.

For indeed I, like all of you, am already everything I’ve ever wanted to be in God, I just need to allow the Spirit to bring that into fruition.

I am indeed in the midst of a breakdown, a divine one that is disturbingly gracious as well.  And God willing, I shall overcome and be overcome by this Wild Divine.  For I have learned that God and my breakthroughs share a common reality: they are both not to be reckoned with nor tamed!

During such events that lead to breakdowns or breakthroughs, grace  is a must and it usually comes as a wildly disturbing reality.  But God’s grace is also always like a warm, soft blanket against a newborn’s nakedness: divine safety and comfort.

Yes, I am going through a breakdown that is leading me to a Break Through and I’ve tasted the other side and it is indeed glorious (and the pain oh so worth it!).  For Love is truly stronger than death, all death.

I feel like a ragamuffin wayfarer whose been invited to sit at the Table at the King’s Feast…no more crumbs, my child, no more crumbs.

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