Blessed are the Fearless…

Blessed are the fearless, for they shall know God. 

So we should be fearless in our hunger and pursuit of the God who is reckless and lavish in loving and pursuing us.  God is the hound of Heaven pursuing us like the fox at a hunt.

We must remember that God is Love and perfectly so…and Perfect Love cast out all fear and replaces it with Divine Love.  It is good to remember also that in our journey towards God and with God, we must know that all ground is sacred ground when our feet tread upon it in seeking.

So be fearless.  Be reckless.  Bang on the door.  Ask the questions.  Seek the Face that is so lovely.  For Jesus said “ask…seek…knock” and I say do it recklessly, fearlessly, no matter what, no matter how, never stop, never be satisfied for God is greater than even our desires.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are outside of God’s love, grace or mercy.  For everything, everything with God can be redeemable, can resurrect, can indeed become New.  For God’s love is messy and lavish and blessed and, most important of all, always available to all who seek it and him.

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