10 Reminders for the Journey

It is vital (meaning “of or belonging to life”) to remember the following reminders in our day to day lives:

  1. We are all always Blessed.
  2. Seek to stay spiritually awake, seeking God always, in all things and in all ways.
  3. Create sacred space in your life making room for God in all areas of your life.
  4. Practice hospitality to all: give generously to the strangers among us, serve the poorest and neediest, and remember to receive, rather than take, when offered.
  5. Remember God’s abiding, faithful love daily, moment by moment.
  6. All of us are God’s great work of art, regardless of one’s religion or lack thereof so remember that everyone is created by and in the image of God, so treat them as such. 
  7. Remember that becoming disgusted with “worry” and “fear” especially of the future is good for it convinces us to let go and live in the Present Moment of the Presence of God.
  8. In whatever your circumstances or state in life, seek and live a life that is extra-ordinary, transparent, loving, aware, and compassionate…remember to simply be the person God created you to be and let his Spirit flow in you and through you.
  9. Seek spiritual renewal daily through prayer, living deeply in Sacred Words, through Silence, service, contemplation, meditation, being in creation and do it all wrapped in gratitude and appreciation to God.
  10. Nurture your love for God and neighbor and let God’s love nurture you by listening to God and speaking openly, honestly, sincerely and transparently with God each day, and do so as often as possible for that is the definition of true prayer.
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