“Choked and Distracted” (Clarence Jordan)

People are preoccupied with other things. They’re fine people. They’re good-hearted people. They mean well. But they’re just cut off from ever realizing their potential by the rat race, or whatever kind of race people are puttin’ on now. The cares of the world, the distractions of this age, and the deceitfulness of riches, these things just choke them out and prevent them from ever maturing.

By and large, I think, Christians are good people. They’re nice, middle class, suburban people. They’re well-educated; they mean well. They don’t hate Jesus. In fact, they love him, if he’ll stay in his place. And they don’t mean him any harm. It’s just that they are so busy. They’ve got to go here; they’ve got to go there. They’re busy with their houses; they’re busy with their automobiles; they’re busy with their business. They just don’t have time to think and they don’t have time to get on the ball. So, they’re choked out.

Source: Cotton Patch Parables of Liberation

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