“A Big God” (Thomas Keating)

“Think of God in a very big way. And if you do, that’s too small!

You can’t think of anything more wonderful than this God. And you can’t figure out anything about God without a special grace…God is so marvelously good, there is no word for it. So gentle. So considerate. So kind, so tender – so everything marvelous. That is God. And whatever you say is far less than it is.

As Paul says ‘It hasn’t crossed the imagination of any human being what God has prepared for those who love him.’”

Thomas Keating, at the annual conference of Contemplative Outreach, Snowmass, Colorado, October 2012

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Below is an archived article from one of my FAVORITE Blogs – Internet Monk – about the late Michael Spencer.  Read it…and subscribe to Internet Monk if you are hungry for some Jesus-shaped Spirituality and some camaraderie on your faith Journey.

Archived Faith – great article from Internet Monk

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