“The Little Mandate” (Catherine Doherty)

The Little Mandate is composed of words that Catherine Doherty believed she received from Jesus Christ over the course of her apostolic life. This “distillation of the Gospel” is the heart of Madonna House spirituality:

Arise — go! Sell all you possess. Give it directly, personally to the poor. Take up My cross (their cross) and follow Me, going to the poor, being poor, being one with them, one with Me.

Little — be always little! Be simple, poor, and childlike.

Preach the Gospel with your lifewithout compromise! Listen to the Spirit. He will lead you.

Do little things exceedingly well for love of Me.

Love…love…love, never counting the cost.

Go into the marketplace and stay with Me. Pray, fast. Pray always, fast.

Be hidden. Be a light to your neighbor’s feet. Go without fear into the depth of human hearts. I shall be with you.

Pray always. I will be your rest.


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