I am called to fierceness…

a fiery passion for the God I am utterly in love with;
A burning ember for justice for the silenced, the forgotten, the broken,
for those who feel they are dangling at the edge;

I am called to fierceness…for God, for the poor and imprisoned.

I am called to fiercely
dive into the ocean of God’s love with reckless abandon.

I am called to fiercely face the man called Niles, the wounded ragamuffin
loved so deeply by the Love that bled on a Cross.

Whether pacing the cage or roaming free, I am so…but never alone. For I travel with One
who has been where I have been and gone where I am to go.

I am called…and fiercely so, to traverse headlong into the darkness, with fear and foe,
with folly and friend, knowing that no matter what may come, all is done with the Fiercest of

and His name is Jesus.

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