Reminders from God…

“Where sin abounds, [God’s] grace abounds all the more.” 

Where pain abounds, God’s healing abounds all the more.  Where darkness abounds, God’s light abounds all the more.  Where fear abounds, God’s hope and Presence abound all the more.

Remember: with God, nothing is impossible.  NOTHING!  Without God, even the possible and mundane can become impossible.  For the Sacred Scriptures say that “greater is He (Jesus) that is in me than he who is in the world (the evil one).

So with God all that is impossible becomes God saying I’m Possible.

God is saying to us: “I am the God of possibilities, potential, promise; I am the God of budding hope, the would-be miracle.  I am the God of the Unlikely.  I am the God of whispers turned into symphonies, whimpers turned into roars, tears turned into the flowers of Joy.”

“I AM” says God, therefore all else can be…when the Great I Am says it will be, or it could be or it should be, then trust we are starting from the place of God’s Being, which is Pure Truth, and not from our own place, the little finite.

But, and this is a big but: we must first “take up the cross” and follow Jesus.  I am not saying that we are going to create the life we’ve always dreamed of; far from it.  What I am saying is this: God is calling us out of comfort zones into a life of complete and absolute surrender to Him and the cross, in order to fashion a world we can only dream about – a world where peace reigns over conflict; healing over brokenness, “enough”ness over poverty.

Not a sermon, just a reminder.

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