“The Way I Want to Love You” (Julian of Norwich)

This is God speaking to you and me:

You must learn to understand that all your deficiencies, even those that come from your past sins and vicious habits, are part of My loving providence for you, and that it is just with those deficiencies, just the way you are now, that I would love you.

Therefore you must overcome the habit of judging how you would make yourself acceptable to Me.  When you do this you are putting your providence, your wisdom before Mine. It is My wisdom that tells you, “The way you are acceptable to Me, the way I want to love you, is the way you are now, with all your defects and deficiencies. I could wipe them out in a moment if I wanted to, but then I could not love you the way I want to love you, the way you are – now.”

Source: Revelations of Divine Love

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