A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed…

I love my friends.  And some I call “Friend” I have actually never met aside from through the Internet.  So, in honor of FRIENDS, today’s blog is simply links to some amazing people who have, in ways they may not even realized, blessed me and been Jesus to me.  But before I do that, here is a SHOUT OUT to some people I love and who have been there for me when I did not deserve it (but they have no websites): Monsieur Lanier, Antonio Cauterucci Caceres, Fr. Frank Cancro, Ian Chan Hodges, Lloyd Odell, Chris Daniels & the Daniels family, Jaime Dominguez, Penny Pratt, Leona Choy, (the late) Rev. Harvey Bullard-Bates, Kent Beduhn, Jim Dupont, Stephanie Lair, Dawn & Ivan, Thomas & Kate, my brother Kevin, my Mommy (it’s been 4 years and I miss you every day), Juno (my angelic dog who has the SAME Birthday as my Mommy!), Rev. Tony Campolo, Megan Holleran, Durty Jones (congrats on your 2 year Anniversary!), Bishop McGuinness High School, Vermont College of Norwich University, Jeb Shore & the Eastern University crew, Tom Absher (amazing Poet/Professor!), and many, many more.

And now for the Internet Friends!  Click on their links, support their sites, buy and read their books, visit their worship services, support their Missions, and above all PRAY for them:

Check them out!

For the only reason I can stand tall or even stand at all, is because I stand on the shoulders of great woman and men!

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