God Wants You!

“God desires authentic dialogue.  As we speak what is on our hearts, we are sharing [the realness of our day to day lives, things] that God is deeply interested in.”

Richard J. Foster

God wants you!

God wants all of you – your mind, body, soul, your cracks, your wounds, your addictions, your joys and hopes…all of you.  Don’t worry, Abba can handle all of that for his love is all encompassing, his grace all covering, his mercy all abounding.  Abba wants to love you; he wants you to learn to trust him, to be able to freely receive his love and freely give his love away.

God wants you…to love him.

And it’s not about ‘falling’ in love with God, for what happens when we fall?  We get hurt, scared, disillusioned, ‘gun shy’ as it were.   You see God hungers for us like no other.  And that hunger is for us to learn trust and love, to grow in love with Abba.  Much like the acorn eventually grows and sprouts into the mighty oak, so we too when planted deep in Abba’s love, grow in the very likeness of Jesus.  Or like the rose bush, transplanted, that eventually grows to the sweetly fragrant bloom of the matured rose bush, grafted into Abba’s love, we become the fragrance of Jesus to the world.

Loving God, being ‘in love’ with God, is just like a new love: all you want is to be with your Beloved.  All your burning desire is to hear their words, see their face, be near them and feel their Presence.  You love every detail in new found love.  So, it is with God!  Abba longs for you as his beloved, his dearly loved child.  Abba longs to be with you, daily, hourly, in every way and through everything and he desires you to rest (assured) in his relentless love.

And like all human love, there are indeed moments where the “growing pains” occur, but growing pains lead to deepness, fidelity, a rootedness like no other; far from the lies we are fed about the notions of ‘romantic’ love.  The love of God is the most torrid of loves: He will always be there for you; he will carry you – in the darkness of absence as much as in the joyfulness of Presence.  When you weep, Abba is so close he tastes the salt of your tears.  When you laugh, he is the butterflies in your tummy.

God desires you…every single part of you, and everything about you.  He longs to be Present to and with you.  Abba’s love is a love of no judgment, pure faithfulness, tenderness in doubt and despair, with none of the ‘rudeness of rightness’ that is so prevalent in this modern day.  Abba loves you dearly and eternally, and he pines for you like the deer longs for streams of water.

Dwell prayerfully on this eternal Truth: Abba longs for you more than you long for Him.  So, let us all today re-member and re-turn to his longing love.

2 thoughts on “God Wants You!

  1. This piece is priceless. I am sending it as an encouragement and challenge to several people who are in desperate situations and in need of the assurance of God’s all-embracing love.


    1. Thank you. Praise God. And please send it to anyone who needs to know that God wants them!


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