God and the Poor

Did you know there are over 400 verses in the Scriptures speaking of God’s concern for the poor and oppressed and God’s call to care for them?

Did you know that Jesus spoke more about the poor and needy than He did about hell or sex?  Do you know that Jesus never once said a word about homosexuality (for more on this I refer you to Derek Flood’s engaging article)?

Why then do I constantly encounter both in the Church and from ‘theologians’ more talk about hell and homosexuality than I do about social justice for the poor and oppressed?  Jesus spoke more about the poor than He did about hell; and we have absolutely no record in the Gospels of Jesus saying one word about homosexuality.  In truth, less than 10 verses out of over one million verses in the Bible refer to same-sex behavior in any way and not one of them refer to homosexual orientation as it is understood today.  But I digress, this writing is not about homosexuality and what the Scriptures say or do not say about it or as to how I feel about it.  Rather, this space is reserved for writing about God and the poor.

There are over 400 verses that specifically refer to God’s concern for the poor and God’s call for us to serve, care for and protect the poor.  Yet, aside from the Religious Left, I hear very little about caring for the poor – something that was of prime concern to Jesus the Messiah.  With recent events [note: this was originally written after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and since revised], I am compelled to write about a subject that, according to the Scriptures, is of prime concern to God’s heart.

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