Blessed are the Cracked & Broken…

“Blessed are the cracked and broken, for it is they who let in the Light.”

Friar Puck the Irascible

I have learned many things in my 44 years of living, but here is something I am learning over and over again (especially during the last few months): everyone (and I do mean everyone!) is broken whether they acknowledge it or not. There are no perfect people in the world. And with the exchanges I have had over the last few weeks with Christians and people who say they care I have learned again: all of us are broken and imperfect.

In fact, I’ve learned that those who project a greater sense of accomplishment, or an “I’ve already arrived” mentality (especially among followers of Jesus), are the ones who are the farthest away from the very perfection of which they speak.

Who wants to be “perfect?” Honestly, I don’t for the myth and illusion of perfection is a weight that no one can bear. The truth is Jesus came for the sick and screwed up anyway. People like me…

For it is only through the cracks and the brokenness of life that the profound mystery of God’s grace can enter and heal us. For in our myth of perfection and achievements, we lose the truth that we are broken and we need to feel that we are already perfect and whole. When this happens we become “sealed shut” and the elements of God’s grace have no opening with which to enter our hearts.

For grace enters the heart through a wound.

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