Compassion…the Best Christian Apologetic

Christians need to learn a serious lesson, one that is both biblical and historical, and that is: arguing, judging and promoting the rudeness of rightness are the worst ways to show that Jesus is Lord and Messiah!

Truly, I am disillusioned by the ‘rudeness of rightness’ so espoused by many Christians these days: Christians hating Muslims; The erroneous bias of the Religious Right and the Religious Left; the error of the ‘prosperity gospel’ that tells me if I am not healed it is my fault; Christians living comfortable lives as the frozen chosen hiding out in a holy huddle waiting for the end times.  Plain and simple, I am tired of Christians who feel that rudeness, arrogance and the smugness of certainty are the surest ways to reveal the love of Jesus.  I know this, for all of these ‘dwell’ in me.  I am that which I hate, if I am painfully honest.

When 1.4 Billion people live on less than $1.25 per day, and considered destitute, I am wearied by Christians in the West (and particularly America) who are worried about “Christian dieting and dating,” “Living your best life,” raging against the bogeyman of the so-called socialist agenda, hating on gays and believing there is a gay “agenda.  I am sickened that we followers of Jesus are more concerned about ‘rightness’ than about loving our enemies, serving the poor, and even growing in love with God (All things that Jesus spoke of and exemplified).

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