Love Working Overtime

This is a reminder for myself; and much like all my writing (which is merely a conversation between me and God that I capture), I need to remind myself of this truth today.

God’s love is “working” on us and in us whether we feel it or not.

The Truth is not always an “emotion,” but the Truth is always a Reality (whether we accept or acknowledge it or not), and God’s Love is Truth.

And the truth I am learning (albeit painfully, stubbornly and slowly) is that God’s love never, ever stops ‘working’ on or in us! Let me restate that: God’s love never stops working on you, on me, on every single created being and thing.

God’s love is always working Overtime.

And what is even more mind boggling is even if you or I never believe or desire or “see” God’s Love has nothing to do with whether or not He is working on us. The love of God in Christ exists for us whether we ‘know’ it or not…

And here are some Truths about God’s love found in Jesus:

God’s love is disturbing, relentless, tender, passionate, full of mercy, compassionate, intimate, Infinite, and Eternal!

God’s love is like the ocean: shallow enough that we can wade in and not drown, and deep enough that we will never, ever touch the bottom of it.

And if you think I am exaggerating, I double dog dare you to try, just try, and out give God in the Love department. And if you are having a hard time recognizing, seeing or finding God’s love, just ask Jesus to show you His love in ways that only you would recognize, for He stands at the door constant and ever-faithfully knocking, waiting to be invited in.

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