Creating at a Soul Level…

The act of creating and recreating is God’s great joy.  Somewhere down deep inside I feel that creating (and the act of creating) is God’s recreation!

And we, as followers of Jesus, are blessed to be called “co-creators” with God: the Spirit working in and through our unique personhood, our ‘Imago Dei’, our circumstances and our hungers and hurts. Whether or not we see ourselves as artist or poets or writers, all who love God are called to be creative wherever they are planted.

In and through this holy Trinity – God expressed in three – your mind is where your conscious activity takes place. Think only what you choose to experience, say only what you choose to make real. And use your mind to consciously focus in the most creative power in the world – God’s love!

The fastest way to “feel” (or experience) God’s love is for you to be an expression of God’s love and grace to the world. And the fastest way to experience yourself being these qualities (and to allowing the Spirit to flow through you to embody these qualities within you) is to GIVE them away.

GIVE away what you need…GIVE when you need for GIVING is a holy act of creating.

Co-creating with God is one of the SOUL purposes of your mission here on earth. We are co-creators of the kingdom of God. Co-creation is the overflow and outflow of a loving partnership between God and us: Christ in us working through us to reveal the glory of God.

Our lives become the Eighth Day of Creation. On the seventh day God rested, and on the eighth day, God began to co-create the world in, through and WITH us.

So unleash the creative in you, in whatever capacity you find yourself in…and you will taste and see the Lord’s Goodness and Love in a million different ways…

Practice resurrection…

Embrace Mystery…

Seek justice for those deprived of it…

Seek truth…

Create beauty…

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